Scholarship Recipients

"Thank you NTLAPA for giving back to the community and helping aspiring Latino physicians reach their goals" - Jesse Hernandez, UTSW 2017 Recipient

"This scholarship not only brings me joy  in the sense that my volunteer work is appreciated but now I have peace at mind knowing that I will at least have some funds for my expenses that might come along the way into residency". - Oscar Molina, MS4, UTSW 2017 Recipient

"I want to thank the scholarship committee for awarding me and my fellow colleagues the Making A Difference Scholarship; as well as all NTLAPA members and sponsors who make this scholarship possible with your generous contributions to this organization. This scholarship exemplifies the dedication and commitment NTLAPA has in ensuring the success of the next generation of Latin American physicians. Additionally, as a fourth-year medical student this scholarship will give me the opportunity to apply to a larger number of residency programs and you more than anyone can appreciate the financial strains during this exciting phase of our career. Thank you NTLAPA for your continued and unconditional support during this most exciting time of our medical career." Juan J. Sosa, MS4, UT Southwestern Medical Ctr. 2016 Recipient

Thank you, NTLAPA, for giving me the opportunity to give back to the Latino community through my continuing medical education and community outreach. Already, this scholarship has connected me with competent and compassionate physicians committed to improving the health and vitality of underserved populations." Medeline Rodriguez  - 2016 Recipient

"Thank you NTLAPA for helping me achieve my dreams through this scholarship. I hope that many more medical students find out about and apply for this opportunity so that they too can see their passions come to life".  Brittany Talamantes - 2015 Recipient

"This is a fantastic opportunity, I encourage everybody to support this organization because they are doing so much good for young Hispanic medical students". Marcos Villarreal - 2015 Recipient

"NTLAPA, thank you for choosing me as a scholarship recipient. With the help of this scholarship, I will able to continue attending medical school".  Monica Rosales - 2015 Recipient

"Aside from the scholarship, NTLAPA has given me the opportunity to meet physicians of varying specialties and receive direct mentorship from them. Contacting NTLAPA was easy and the application process straightforward.  Thank you NTLAPA members for your support this year.”  Juan Soza - 2013  Recipient

“NTLAPA has allowed me the opportunity to network with people who can be potential role models and mentors, whose have succeeded in the field I am in the process of entering. Receiving the scholarship from NTLAPA will help me minimize my debt, which will make pursuing a career in academic medicine significantly easier than it would be otherwise.  I hope to continue to be involved with NTLAPA as long as I remain in Dallas”.  Maria Bacalao - 2013  Recipient

“I have also been involved in the Latino Medical Student Association UTSW branch and Southwestern regional branch. NTLAPA Scholarship was very helpful because I rely on loans for my means to finance my education”.   Bogar Garcia – 2012  Recipient