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North Texas Latin American Physicians Association

The North Texas Latin American Physicians Association (NTLAPA) is a local nonprofit organization of Latin physicians and professional healthcare leaders working together to improve the quality of healthcare for the communities in North Texas through scholarship and community support. Our special mission is to represent all Latin American physicians, physicians with Latin ancestry, all physicians and all healthcare professionals wishing to join us. We want to promote fellowship and unify physicians in North Texas and represent those physicians’ interests at the local, state and national level. Furthermore, in the community, we hope to promote health, wellness and education in the North Texas area through community outreach programs and community support. When you join NTLAPA, you become a member of the only Latin/Hispanic American Physicians nonprofit organization in North Texas.

Members come from all walks of life; however, the values of friendship and service are the principles that bring us together. As a member, you will get many added value services such as a listing in our website, free classified ads, insurance discounts with Northwestern Mutual. You will have an opportunity for referrals through our NTLAPA directory, physicians, and website. You will also have the opportunity to engage with our physicians from your community and develop a business and friendship network. You will have special opportunities for CME, educational dinner events, and a once a year Gala. You can contact any of the Board Members or call our office for further information or questions you may have. We look forward to welcoming you into NTLAPA.

We look forward in building something special together,

Carlos Pancorvo, M.D., President

You can easily find a hispanic Doctor in more than 25 specialties
You can apply for membership with NTLAPA by just filling out and application
We have established a scholarship fund to assist college and medical students
You are invited to join us to our meetings and events throughout the year
Alejandro Rodriguez
Second year medical student at UT Southwestern Co-president of the Latino Medical Student Association at UT Southwestern 2019 Recipient

NTLAPA has provided me with a sense of community. I was fortunate to be awarded their scholarship, along with mentoring opportunities, and amazing role model. They share my passion for helping the Hispanic community in Dallas. I look forward to becoming a member of NTLAPA when I become a physician.

Maria G. Ruiz, MS4
UT Southwestern Medical School 2019 Recipient

I am honored to have been selected to receive this “Making a Difference” scholarship from NTLAPA/NCF among so many talented applicants. In this final year of medical school, this scholarship will undoubtedly be a breath of fresh air and help me with my residency application and interview expenses as I apply for my dream specialty of family medicine. This scholarship shows how the medical community supports current medical students in North Texas to pursue their dreams and ultimately will allow me to become one step closer to becoming a physician to work with underserved patient populations. In the future, I want to continue this legacy to give back to my community and help aspiring pre-med and medical students as others have done for me.

Jennifer Coias
D Candidate | Class of 2020 UT Southwestern Medical School  2019 Recipient

This scholarship from NTLAPA will assist my family tremendously as we navigate this new and exciting time in my training. I am honored an humbled to have been chosen this year and look forward to paying forward this generous gift through advocacy and outreach to my Latin American community.

Benjamin Montañez 
M.D. Candidate | Class of 2022
UT Southwestern Medical Center 2019 Recipient

As a Latino medical student, it’s reassuring to know that I have the full support of the Latino community by having the opportunity to apply to the NTLAPA scholarship. Out of the many obstacles that students can face while on their path to pursue a higher education, the financial burden can be one of the biggest ones. The NTLAPA scholarship will help me leap over one of the many obstacles left on my path to attain my MD. 

Brianna Preston
2018 Recipient

I am very honored to receive such a generous gift. This endowment will help me accomplish so much in the coming school year as a I prepare for the next part of my journey. Now that I have moved back to Dallas to attend the Louise Herrington School of Nursing your donation will take me that much closer to my ultimate goal of becoming a nurse and helping those in need

Roberto Gonzalez
2018 Recipient

Thanks to the NTLAPA Make a Difference scholarship, I have the ability to continue my efforts to improve my community’s health by permitting me to focus on my education and purchase equipment and resources that will help further my education. It is my hope that I can inspire others to make a difference in their community—all that is needed is to act and hope you can inspire others to follow suit

Medeline Rodriguez
2016 Recipient

Thank you, NTLAPA, for giving me the opportunity to give back to the Latino community through my continuing medical education and community outreach. Already, this scholarship has connected me with competent and compassionate physicians committed to improving the health and vitality of underserved populations

Jesse Hernandez
UTSW 2017 Recipient

Thank you NTLAPA for giving back to the community and helping aspiring Latino physicians reach their goals

Oscar Molina
MS4, UTSW 2017 Recipient

This scholarship not only brings me joy  in the sense that my volunteer work is appreciated but now I have peace at mind knowing that I will at least have some funds for my expenses that might come along the way into residency

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We promote health, wellness and education in the North Texas area through community outreach programs and support and improve the health of Latinos/Hispanics and other under-served populations

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We promote fellowship and unify physicians in North Texas and represent those physicians’ interests at the local, state and national level

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